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The environmental path

The “Summonte – Campo San Giovanni” environmental itinerary: a natural gym for outdoor sports

The Municipality of Summonte, in order to create conditions for sustainable development of the territory, has long started a series of initiatives aimed at the enhancement and protection of our territory, together with the Regional Park of Partenio. With this in mind, the “Summonte – Campo San Giovanni” environmental itinerary is inserted, which allows visitors to admire and appreciate the natural beauties that characterize the municipal territory.

Along the way, strategic interventions have been implemented aimed at making tourism and leisure tourism take off; In fact, it was conceived as a natural gym, to make outdoor sports with a minimum environmental impact particularly healthy and pleasant, such as: free-bodied physical activity, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, Nordic walking. The environmental path is presented as a long panoramic path, organized and equipped that develops for about 6 km.

Touching points of considerable naturalistic and landscape value: it starts from the center of Urupetra and winds along Monte Partenio, taking in the areas of Urupetra, Castellone and Becco dell’Aquila, to reach Campo San Giovanni a beautiful karst plateau, surrounded by beech woods and rich in wild orchids, where it is not difficult to see horses grazing over by hunting buzzards, often annoyed by gray crows and ravens, or where it is possible, if you are lucky, to observe the fox; the ecotourist who takes a walk along the route – in the silence of the woods – is attracted only by the rustling of the wind between the leaves and the birds’ lines.