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The amphitheater

Among the spaces outside the castle, the surface of the so-called “stalls” acquires particular importance. This area, which until recently was in a state of neglect, has recently been the object of a rediscovery, rehabilitation and reorganization work on the basis of the wall findings that emerged from the archaeological excavations.

The arrangement of the area has led to the creation of a cavea, an open-air theater with a series of tiers that exploits a natural slope without modifying the original morphology of the terrain. The steps, which alternate with a series of stone steps, develop concentrically and end around a small wooden stage.

In this structure throughout the year there are theatrical performances, concerts of classical music, presentations of literary works, … .etc. The entire area is illuminated by marks-steps distributed between the steps, the stage area and equipped with its own lighting with independent points even for large voltages.

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