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Archaeological area

The entire castellated area has been the subject of interventions and redevelopments that have led to the reconstruction of part of the ancient city walls. The cleaning of the slopes and the highlighting of the remains of ancient buildings and the original landing planes have allowed the rediscovery of the terraces of the old settlement where, among other things, you can enjoy a wide panoramic view of the city center and the mountain.

These terraces were rebuilt through the restoration of the ancient city walls and carried out in full respect of the existing buildings, with construction techniques and materials consistent with the original ones. Starting from the original layout and respecting its design lines, the spaces necessary for public use and for the tourist route have been obtained. Furthermore, an external artistic lighting system has been created, adapted to the particularity of the place with diversified lights according to the events, with a computerized control unit that can be programmed according to the occasion.

The light relations and the empty full shadow have been studied to obtain a style sensitivity that makes the whole unique. The entire castle complex covers an area of ​​about 2300 square meters.