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List of thematic sites

The Public Administration Index (IPA) guarantees the The Public Administration Index (IPA) guarantees the constant availability of all the information that the individual Administrations are required to publish. The contents of the IPA are structured in three macro-levels:

  1. summary information relating to the Administration, such as the postal address, the Administration Manager, the electronic references (institutional website, e-mail addresses), the tax code and the logo;

  2. information on the organizational structure, offices (Organizational Units – OU) and their hierarchical structure (also for the offices the detailed information foreseen in the previous point can be specified);

  3. information on the protocol offices (Homogeneous Organizational Areas – AOO)

DigitPA, pursuant to Article 57 bis paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 7 March 2005 no. 82 (Digital Administration Code – CAD), guarantees the management and availability of system contents.

To verify this data, you can connect to http://www.indicepa.gov.it/documentale/ricerca.php