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Walking in nature and in the village…

From the castle to the civic museum through the naturalistic path and the local gastronomy

Naturalistic path of Summonte
The Angevin tower of the municipality of Summonte

We are ready to set off along the hiking-environmental path that enchants with its flora and fauna.
We will be attracted by the splendor of the landscapes and tourist places in line with the trend of the moment: the pleasure of walking.

A village that allows us to walk between art, nature, history, culture, food and wine and local traditions. Lovers of travel, who are constantly looking for new places to explore, can leave and go to Submontis, at the foot of Mount Vallatrone. To welcome visitors there will be the majestic and characteristic lime tree that stands in Piazza De Vito with its 34 meters of height.
The tree is included in the census of the monumental trees of Italy.
Families, couples and singles will be able to discover the Sentiero Italia that crosses Mount Vallatrone connecting Urupreta with the naturalistic excursion-oriented path up to the Campo San Giovanni plateau.

A quality tourism, combined with a taste at Km 0: eat and drink in the respect of local specialties.

All accompanied by products of the day such as chestnuts, wines, the black truffle of feverfew, caciocavalli.

A multisensory route that visitors can appreciate easily reaching Summonte from the Napoli-Bari exit.

The church of San Nicola di Bari

Probably built on the remains of a pre-existing church, the current structure dates back to the seventeenth century. and is the result of the Baroque intervention.

Not so far from:

Royal Palace of Caserta, Sanctuary of Montevergine, Benevento