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The introduction of the Offices for Public Relations (URP) in the Italian legal system is part of the broader culture of administrative transparency and growing attention to the quality of services and the relationship between institutions and citizens.

The legislative decree 3 February 1993, n. 29, in Article 12 (now Article 11 of Legislative Decree 30 March 2001, No. 165), in fact, establishes the URPs responding to the dual requirement expressed by the previous laws n. 241 and n. 142 of 1990, to guarantee administrative transparency and quality of services, and to provide an organizational tool suited to the implementation needs of the functions of institutional communication and contact with citizens.

With the law 7 June 2000, n. 150, in terms of communication and public information, completing the normative evolution started with the reforms of the 90s, is identified in the URP, the structure dedicated to communication activities. Next to the URP, the 150/2000 provides for two other structures, the Press Office and the Spokesperson, which instead perform the information activities, the law therefore outlines a first differentiation between the structures involved in information activities and those used for the information activities. communication activities.