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Castellone Equestrian Center

It is a structure consisting of ten stables, riding track and paddock, over a large area of ​​approx. 1,400. The area is built on two levels: in the upper part facing the path there is the biggest track for the riding school exercises; the track has the classic form of 8, contained in a rectangle of dim. 20 × 45 and is conveniently fenced off, next to the track there are facilities to serve the same, bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, a refreshment area and an open parking area, with tables, benches and games for children.

On the lower level, the one that you can not see from the road, there is the stable equipped with paddock for the horses, in number of eight, separated, each with its own manger; the area is also equipped with fences where the horses can be freely outdoors and a small circular track for the first approaches of the children on the horses.