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Past editions

In eighteen years passes the history of world music on the stage of Summonte

NoaEugenio Bennato, Peppe Barra, Nunzio Areni and then Enzo Avitabile, who literally adopted “Mediterranean Paths”, making him grow as one of his creatures.

The success of this festival is due to their professionalism. The work of Enzo Avitabile and his staff has allowed this small town on the slopes of the Partenio to become the land where music is the “genius loci”. In eighteen years we have welcomed hundreds of musical groups from all over the world, involving over three hundred musicians, actors and artists. With thousands of spectators, music lovers, tourists and citizens of Irpinia, for every single edition. These are the numbers of “Sentieri Mediterranei”, the only bell festival of international ethnic music. A result due to the constant quality of the artistic offer, to the organizational commitment that has always given impeccable results, to the growing interest in this type of event that proposes a mixture of genres and events capable of involving a transversal public target.

Summonte’s squares, alleys and courtyards have seen the performance of international artists such as Khaled, Hevia and Eliades Hochoa who in 2007 ignited Summonte’s audience, or Youssu n’Dour, Cesaria Evora, Goran Bregovich, Mori Kante, Noa, Gil Dor, and still the great Bob Geldof to whom we have conferred, together with the artistic director Enzo Avitabile, the honorary citizenship of our country.Goran-Bregovic

There are numerous artists who have taken the stage of Summonte: Balkanija, Kocani Orkestar, Cristina Branco, Carlo Nunez, Juan Car-mona, Nour Ed Dine, Musicians of the Nile, Trilok Gurtu, Fana Dervisci, Rim Banna, Esta, Maghreb Ensemble , Gabin Dabirè, Les Tamburos Sacres, The Original Klezmer Ensemble, Baba Sissoko, Sabri Brothers, Lo Cor de la Plana, Amal Murkus, Amina, Jelemba, D’Abidjan, Sevara Nazarkan, Urbalia Rurana and Martinetti, Fanfara Tirana, Manu Dibango and Ray Lema, Patrona Martinez and Guraubi El Hachemi, Anthony B, Magnificent. Just to mention some of the international guests who have left their mark.

Like the many musicians and composers from all over Italy such as James Senese, Teresa de Sio, La Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, the Agricantus, Roy Paci, Nicola Piovani, Peppe Barra, Eugenio Bennato, Marcello Colasurdo, the Fratelli Mancuso and Gianni Prilli, the Cantors of Carpino, the Tenores of Bitti, Luigi Lai, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Ambrogio Sparagna, Fiorenza Calogero. But also the Irpini of Tarantella di Montemarano or again Giovanni Coffarelli and the Paranza of Somma Vesuviana, Antonio Infantino and the Tarantolati of Tricarico, the Soloists of Musicanova, the Dancing Masks of Tricarico, the New Company of Tammorra, the Piccolo Circo, the Tenores Sudillu , the Paranza dell’Agro Nocerino Sarnese, Giovanni Wurzburger, Marisa Sannita, Maurizio Carbone, Etnie, Taranterra, the Circus, Percussion Ensemble, Radio Dervish, the New Scarlatti Orchestra, Campania Felix, Phaleg, Rua, Port’Alba, Circus of the Moon , Discanto Ensemble, Tendachent, Marcello Coleman, New Tribes Zulu, Balbalord, Archè, Radicanto, Nuova Agricola, Mascarimirì, Jenny Sorrenti, Ketonic Percussion, Solis String Quartet, Marzouk Mejri Quartet, Ensemble Parthenias, Cisco, Spaccapaese and Vesuvian tammorari, Francesco Sossio Banda, Capleton, Slivovitz, Ár Meitheal.

This for “Mediterranean Paths” is not just a long list of names, passages, concerts, successes. They are the solid branches of a family tree of a large family that will continue to grow over the years. A list of emotions where winning is always music that fosters knowledge and dialogue between cultures.